Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Mini Travel Log: Hong Kong, China (2)

I had the chance to visit Hong Kong again en-route to and from San Francisco. This time, I made sure I had my camera glued to my body wherever I go in the city so I won't miss out any photo opportunities like I did last time. I arrived on the right timing during the weekend. My aunt and cousin were kind enough to be my tour guide bringing me to some beautiful places in the countryside. To my surprise, away from the congested city area, Hong Kong is actually quite large with many lands in the countryside left undeveloped. However because the younger generation love the "entertainment" and "lifestyle" of the city, they would rather live in cramped and run down city buildings than in the beautiful spacious countryside. Probably they are too conscious of their social status as "modern city dwellers" and don't want to be labelled "villagers".

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