Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mini Travel Log: Copenhagen, Denmark (2)

It is summer in Denmark. The sun rises at 4.30am and doesn't set until 10pm. For those loving the sun and outdoor activities, you're gonna love the long day. I enjoyed the sun and lovely weather while walking to see the Little Mermaid one more time. Surprisingly, not many tourists are found at the mermaid. Maybe Denmark is not a very popular tourist destination in Europe. I don't know why. Or perhaps there are better attractions to offer outside the city than the small and timid mermaid. Next time on my return, I shall check out the many countryside castles and cross over to Sweden too since both countries are separated only by a bridge.

On the side note, all the photos taken below are from my Samsung Galaxy S3. I did not bring any camera since it was a short trip. After a couple of updates, the phone is getting even better and the phone camera produces amazing pictures. You can never go wrong with a Galaxy series phone.

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