Monday, November 12, 2007

Need For Speed

The Red Bull air race last weekend was not enough to satisfy the need for speed inside me. Nothing beats the feeling of inside the machine itself to feel the speed. Went down to the AHG track just next to Perth International Airport for some speed and racing action. The machine, Holden V8 Commodore packs a beast beneath the hood. Launching the car down the straight, the growl of the engine was awesome. With excess speed of over 100kmh round the corners, the G forces felt were sensational. With each lap down, I was more daring and going faster. In the final lap turn, I got a little adventurous by going over the speed and braking limit. With just a flick on the steering wheel, the car spun round the corner. The vision from inside the car moved in blur circle motion. The adrenalin inside me was pumped to the max. That spun was the climax of the day. I've got more than what I was asking for. The need for speed fulfillment with a priceless experience. Total satisfaction.

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