Monday, April 25, 2011

Ipoh Mali, Ipoh Ipoh Mali

Before I talk more about Ipoh, let's have a look at the video below by Point Blanc titled "Ipoh Mali". Yeah baby, that's my hometown, the best in Malaysia.

Ipoh is best for its food. The white coffee, "hor fun" noodle, chicken rice and bean sprout are the trademark of Ipoh which the rest of the world tried to copy. There is no other place to taste the best other than having it in Ipoh. This city is also known for its pretty girls. If you ask me, I'd say pretty girls are everywhere but Ipoh girls stand out for being down to earth. There are some nice and exotic places to sight see in Ipoh; especially if you like old rustic buildings which is perfect for portrait photography; or you can explore the many natural limestone caves. Don't get the wrong idea that we stay in caves. We do have quite a number of modern hang out places for the teenagers. If you have the money to buy a cramped apartment elsewhere in the world, then you'd definitely be living like a king here in Ipoh. The same amount of money will get you a huge bungalow and perhaps with 1 or 2 Olympic size swimming pool included.

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Sakura said...

Ipoh girls are pretty. I agree.
How about Ipoh boys? nice?

hoongji said...

i wouldn't comment on boys. because it will be a biased comment since i was born there. haha. =)