Monday, June 28, 2010

St. Michael's Institution, My Alma Mater

Introducing St. Michael's, my beloved school where I studied since young. It is the most beautiful school in Ipoh, if not the whole of Malaysia. The building itself is now designated a heritage site in Malaysia. Not only having a beautiful appearance, the school is equally strong on the inside; producing many bright students and future leaders.

I had the opportunity to visit my school again after graduated from there 10 years ago. The school is as magnificent as it was 87 years ago; surviving the world wars, test of times and mother nature. It's just that the interior is really in need of restoration and uplift. It has changed from bad to worse compared to the last time I studied there. Cracked walls are plastered shoddily and unpainted while the doors seem like they could fall anytime.

Histories and more info about the school can be read here.

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nic said...

Dear fellow Lasallian,

My name is Nicholas, and was from St Joseph's Institution here in Singapore. In 2002, I had the opportunity of visiting SMI because of the 150th anniversary of the brothers landing here in Singapore. I was there on a trip to visit the reknowned bagpipers to liaise with them for the 150th anniversary parade in Singapore. It truly is one of the most beautiful schools I've seen too. It was indeed a lovely time spent in Ipoh, and I treasure every moment there.

Anyway, I chanced upon your blog because I aspire to become a pilot as well. The fire is burning within me and readings your posts really inspire me. As I read through some of your blog posts, I realised that your flying career started at a time during the economic downturn. It must have been one of the most difficult periods. But now that all is well and in fact, SIA has so many big plans for the future, it almost looks like I'm blessed by the current circumstances as compared to yours'. HOWEVER, I know that the journey is still ever just as long and arduous.

I am just short of turning 25 this year, and I have already applied for the position of cadet pilot in SIA. Reading your blog posts really motivate me because more than ever, I know what I want. I already knew what I want, but now I just want it even more badly. I suppose now you're already at least into your 3rd year as an FO. and for me, the journey hasn't even begun.

I hope that some day, I will get to fly with you, and like you, be able to relate some of the stories that will be able to inspire a future version of me somewhere out there. This is why flying is by far the most accomplishing of careers out there.

I would love to be able to keep in correspondence with you, so please do drop me an email at if time ever permits for you.

Thank You.

Your fellow Lasallian,

Nicholas Lee