Thursday, May 24, 2007

A walk in the park with "Celebrities"

I used to have a german shepherd dog in the family when I was young. But we had to give it away due to lack of space and time for the dog. Since then, I didn't have much encounter with dogs. Always wanted to rear one, but it is impossible at this moment. So most of the time I just admire the dogs from far away especially during dog shows. Yesterday, my roommate brought me along to visit a friend of his, here in Perth. She has a golden retriever (my favorite dog) and 2 collies. I was up close with "Datin", "Georgia" and "Sherrie". It was a fun afternoon walking the dogs to the park and playing with them. The dogs are a real active bunch. I was exhausted in the end. We ended the day with dinner near Canning Bridge in a chinese restaurant named after my hometown, Ipoh. They served the Ipoh specialty "hor fun" (some kinda noodle) and it was quite good. I was happy too because I got to taste hometown cookings which I've been longing for.

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