Sunday, March 11, 2007

Learjet 45 in Jandakot

The pride of Singapore Flying College, the Learjet 45, made an overnight stop at Jandakot after bringing in the VIPs from Maroochydore, Brisbane. It is every pilot's dream to fly this advance and sophisticated jet. Priced at USD8 million a piece, this exclusive jet is used primarily as luxury jet for the riches. Even though every SFC cadets will get the chance to fly this jet in the Learjet phase, the jet's presence here still attracted a lot of attention. After all, it is rare for this jet to make a visit here since it is based in Brisbane.

I got out early and waited for the jet at the spotting area. Before the jet arrived, i took some pictures of planes nearby. Our neighbor, the China Southern Flying College operates the Citation, Grob and Piper. Other exotic aircrafts in the area are the Nanchang WW2 fighter planes and the 1000hp Dromader.

Finally, the Learjet 45 arrived and made a perfect touchdown in Jandakot. Many cadets took the oppurtunity to take a closer look at the jet and also to take photos. I managed to sneak into the jet to have a look at the cockpit as well as to have a feel, sitting on the luxury seat of the 8million jet.

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lilxcute said...

Captain Hoongji =) Hello! Howz your training so far? Seems like you're really enjoying urself. Take care always!