Sunday, March 04, 2007

CNY in Perth

It is sad that we couldn't celebrate Chinese New Year with our families this year. But what we can get here is at least a proper chinese dinner. So we decided to drive out to Chinatown on the eve of CNY. We went to a famous roasted duck restaurant for our dinner. The dishes were so delicious especially the roasted duck. We couldn't resist and ordered another plate of roasted duck after the first one. With 4 of us eating so much, I could hardly walk after that dinner.

On the first day of CNY, as usual we went to the beach. This time, we headed to Cottesloe beach. It was on the weekend and the beach was packed with people. I had a good time in the water and also getting a tan. While we were there, a plane flew above us with a banner. The banner was actually a marriage proposal. That was sweet. I bet that girl will be very touched with such interesting proposal.

On that same day, we went to Fremantle for our dinner. This place is famed for its fish and chips. We dined at this restaurant called Cicerellos next to the docks where all the fishermen's boats and yatchs are docked. I had the best and freshest fish and chips in my whole life while enjoying the sunset.

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sE_vIxEn said...

hoongji, still wanna get a tan?! you're tanned enough loh. XD

btw, the banner pic is great. indeed an interesting sight.