Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hazy Days Ahead

Due to irresponsible people over in Indonesia burning their land, their neighbours in South East Asia has got to pay for the price. This had been going on for decades with Indonesia not taking responsibilities. In respect of each other's sovereignty, there is no way other countries can bring Indonesia to task. In my whole life, I must say this is the worst condition compared to all the previous years. The only way that we perhaps can pressure them to be responsible is to boycott their products and services. Without feeling the economic pinch, these corrupt officials will never act and stop all those illegal burning. The world consumers should stop buying palm oil products from Indonesia until they are environmentally friendly.

Back in Singapore, it is "amazing" to see people blame the Government for not doing anything or buying them "free" masks. They had already done what can be done by disseminating information through various media about the severity of the haze hourly. They have also summoned the Indon officials to pressure them only to get a do-not-interfere reply. So what else is there to be done? Health is a responsibility of own individual. So people, save your breath complaining and take care of your health by wearing N95 mask when you are outside. If you are so smart in finding a solution, then volunteer yourself and go have a war with the Indons and claim their land to rid of the haze.

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