Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Iphone 4S(illy)

I can't help myself from laughing after watching the videos below. It is funny but it is also very true. Unless you speak perfect American or British English, Siri will not make you cool, but make you look very silly indeed. Without any localization, it will not help you find correct places. It will also call or send your messages to the wrong people. Reason being Siri cannot pick up names that are not in English. Try ask Siri to call your Chinese contact, or navigate to a Malay named road or place. Chances are it will give you rubbish replies, just like the videos below. Now add in our local accent, Siri will give you one helluva laugh. 10 points for entertainment. 0 point for functionality. And 10 points for the silly-factor. You don't really need to spend over a thousand dollar to look silly. There are many silly things that can be done for free in this world. Siri is not one of them.

Singlish anyone? (This is a parody video. But I bet it will be the same scenario if using the real Iphone 4s)

Poor Japanese. At least he tried many times. But Siri didn't even get one right.

Scottish. The guy tried so hard to create a "reminder".

But then some people still think that Siri is cool because they think this is a new technology. Just so if they don't know, this technology has already been around for more than a decade. Even Google had it for more than a year on Android phones. Back in the days when Internet just took off, AI bots were created and people were already having conversations with it, without the accent problems of course. So if your Siri is giving you trouble, it's time to dump your useless "girlfriend". Talk to A.L.I.C.E. instead. At least she's got a better name than Siri. Try it here:

Oh and Alice is really a decade old. 16 years ago, she was already doing what Siri is doing now, minus the voice feature. Don't believe? Read it here:

Cleverbot is 2 years younger than ALICE. But is much smarter. Try it here: Type in the box and hit enter. Wait for the reply. Hehe.

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