Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Singapore Street/Night Photography

I was bored. And my D90 is collecting dust. I've tried very hard to get friends to visit places but they chose to hook on the internet at home or drink away their life instead. I have the urge for photography and so I screw the group outing and went lone ranger. I decided to walk the streets of Singapore to hone my skills in street+night photography. Feeling charitable and environmental conscious, I headed down to the WWF office and got myself an Earth Hour t-shirt. From there, I walked the Chinatown, Clarke Quay, the Esplanade and the Flyer. I was surprised to find so many interesting elements and subjects on the streets to be photographed. And all these small little details can really turn up a masterpiece in pictures. I really learned a lot and glad I went out for this. I've mastered a few tricks on my new camera which will be very useful for my Japan trip tomorrow. I'm all ready and looking forward to that.

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Jonsern said...

Wow, you have improved your technique. I like your architecture pictures. There is one pic you took of the city center & singapore river in the evening. If you took that in the night it would be nicer.

hoongji said...


that place is at boat quay. but i couldn't wait till night as i was too hungry at that time.