Sunday, March 28, 2010

Time Lapse: East Coast, Singapore

I was bored and decided to do something weird. I set up my tripod and camera by the window and started clicking away. Not for a minute, but literally from the afternoon until night! Luckily with the help of automation, I managed to hook up a remote timer to help me do the job. Else I will be stoning by the window. What I did was actually time lapse photography where I stitched thousands of pictures taken in a span of few hours to make into a movie. The result turned out great. Enjoy the time lapse photography of East Coast, Singapore in high definition below. Remember to choose HD (720p) for best viewing experience.

Check out my inspirational videos below made by professional time lapse photographers. It reminds me how small we humans are compared to the planet and how beautiful the Mother Nature is.

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