Friday, January 01, 2010

NYE 2009/10 Singapore

I was home alone for the past week and couldn't believe my luck when I came home from my flight still to find none of my housemates around. There's no one I could gather for the NYE celebration. I decided to head down to the city for a change. I've been spending my time at home for the past few NYEs. I was glad I made the right decision as I had the most wonderful time of my life seeing such an awesome fireworks display behind the beautiful city backdrop. Nightmares began after the celebration as throngs of people were trying to get home. The authorities are a big letdown for their poor planning that caused a MASSIVE jam on all roads. It took almost 2 hours for the jam to clear. Public transport is bullshit as buses were caught in the jam. By the time they arrive, they were already full to the brim. The subway was no better. And the taxi drivers were the biggest punk for not picking any passengers as they wanted to earn extra charges by picking up only phone call passengers. All over the city you can see empty cabs but with the red ON-CALL signs. But most of them get caught in the jam anyway and were stationary for more than an hour. I'd say serve them right for being greedy. So my advice to party goers next year: drive your own car. Head down to the clubs after countdown and relax. Drive home after 3 hours later to save you from the nightmare.

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