Monday, April 20, 2009

Penang 09

Here are some shots from my weekend stay in Penang. It changed a bit since my last visit 4 years ago. Now there is a huge shopping center at Queensbay. For seafood, forget about crossing the bridge and going to Bkt. Tambun. There is one on the island itself which is even better. Forgot where is the place, but it is located near the Penang Hill.

Going up Penang Hill is a hassle. Perhaps the effect after my trip to Mount Takao in Tokyo. The trains at Mt. Takao are brand new, fast and air conditioned. But the trains here are old, slow and stuffy; with only fans providing ventilation to suffering passengers stuffed in overcrowded cars. The wait for the train is long too.

Anyway, big thank you to Jonsern for being a great host.

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Jonsern said...

My face is caught in your sunglasses reflection :P