Monday, February 16, 2009

My Birthday, My New Toy

It's that time of the year again where I splurge myself with gifts on my B-day and V-day after a year of hard work.

I was walking around the city on a fine weekend morning holding my trusty and reliable Canon S3IS. As I happily snap away pictures, the sweltering heat forced me to take a break in Funan Digital Mall. I have long been poisoned with DSLRs but the price factor always acted as a temporary antidote. The unbelievable price being offered by shops there took me by surprise. This time, I could not resist the temptation anymore. Now I'm a happy owner and user of Nikon D90.

Below are the farewell shots from my old Canon; which never failed me and took many magnificent pictures from my life journey.

And now, experimental shots from the Nikon D90. Definitely need more time to explore but the capabilities are endless. I will master it well and be ready for my upcoming trip to Japan/Korea/Taiwan.

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