Monday, December 22, 2008

HTC Touch HD

This Christmas, I got my first PDA phone. Many years ago, I swore I'd never touch my hands on any PDA phones. But this year, I finally succumbed to the temptations of the dark side. The LG Viewty was in my initial phone list. But overpriced for a non-PDA. Then came HTC Touch Diamond. But held off buying due to it's sluggishness. After that was Iphone 3G. Not trying to start a war here, but Iphone is gay. It's a piece of overpriced junk built in a beautiful shell. But there are people out there willing to be ripped off because they are trying hard to show how metro and trendy they are by holding a flashy phone. Apart from it's curvy body, the Iphone has very limited capabilities. It does not have a front camera even though calling itself a 3G phone. It cannot do multi-tasking and the camera is 3 years behind technology. Finally, Touch HD came into stores just before Christmas. Even though I'm a first time PDA and Windows Mobile user, using the phone is a breeze for me. And so the rest is history...

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