Thursday, October 16, 2008

Singapore F1 2008

I joined the crowd to be part of Singapore's historic first F1 night race. Watching monstrous F1 cars zooming down the street circuit in deafening noise just few meters away from the barrier was exhilarating. After decades of absence, sparks firing from under the cars made a return to F1 scene as they thundered down the bumpy street and scratching with their metal underbellies. Set around the wonderful backdrop of lit city buildings and ferris wheel, Alonso took the chequered flag while the Ferrari had their worst nightmare with Kimi kissing the concrete wall and Massa launching away from pit with fuel hose still attached. The whole race was exciting but the crowd atmosphere was not there. Too big of the playground, too many and scattered side shows, too few crowds ---> Disaster. While there were security concerns, the organizer should actually find alternatives to let more of the public to walk into open space for free; therefore filling it for a huge F1 street party. Nevermind, there's always next year. Hopefully it will improve.

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640 said...

i was there for a few days...not to see the f1 tho....4got to meet up wif u too :P