Saturday, March 15, 2008

Head vs Metal

On completion of training in Jandakot, it is a custom for cadets to hit the CPL/IR gong before they leave. Here, the last 4 spartans of 121 managed to complete their training in the same week and hit the gong together; just as promised. We had a wonderful time chilling out with beers and picture whoring sessions in front of the gong.

Human battering ram against the gong is also part of the tradition. Instead of the stick and gong, now it's the head vs gong. Our heads were smashed so hard on the gong that it sounded louder than hitting it with the stick. I believe those were the loudest in Jandakot history. See the movie clip below to believe.


nicky said...

kesian tjun huong's head...but thats very very loud!!!

Anonymous said...

That was hilarious! good one!