Friday, August 31, 2007

Perth City to Surf

Perth City to Surf run was held last week. It was a run from the heart of the city to the beach. I was registered in the wrong category of 12km run, instead of my choice of 4km walk. This run turned out to be the longest run in my life; with the fact that I'm not even a runner or have any training. The run was flagged off from the city with a sea of people numbering close to 30,000 filling up the whole 2km stretch from the starting line. That was a sight to behold, to see so many people and the spirit they carried with them. Unfortunately the event was lashed with thunderstorm rain and strong winds. At certain point in the race, it was really difficult to keep up due to large raindrops splattering on the face coupled with strong cold winds. I managed to cross the finishing line without any incident with a time of 86 minutes. That was off the mark of 60-70 minutes for my category. Nevertheless, I'm proud that I have finished the race and am now 12km certified.


Vivian said...

Thanks for sharing your experience as a Cadet Pilot at SIA. It gave me and the family an insight of what the next 15 months of my training will be. All the best!!!

hoongji said...

glad i could share. all the best to you too. which airline will you be attached to?