Friday, November 05, 2004

Someone pissed me off

Today i'm not in a very good mood. This is because a very 'kiasu' and 'kiasi' person pissed my head off in my lab today. Well, i was doing experiments for my final year project and it is so unfortunately that i have this idiotic girl as my labmate. She is so selfish that she took and kept all the lab apparatus for herself. I can't even find any for my use. So i took a few of hers'to use. After all, she's not using them today. But she was furious and started lecturing and harrassing me; saying that my experiment samples will 'dirty' her wares and will affect her future experiments. What kind of logic is this? All lab apparatus are meant to be shared by all and meant to be used, therefore getting dirty. But we can always clean and wash them after that. So WTF that i can't use but only she can use? So 'kiasu' and selfish.

There are a few tanks of distilled water. As my tank is in the process of distilling, i took some from her tank as mine is still hot. And there she goes beserking again. It's not like that i use up all of hers. And i'm going to replace it with mine with more than what i've used. But the idiot went all the way complaining to supervisor. What the hell is she thinking? Her grandfather owns the lab?

Halfway through the day, suddenly the others and i heard sounds of glass dropping and breaking. Common sense will tell us that something has been broken accidentally. This idiotic girl rushed out with her hands trembling, holding the broken apparatus. She made a BIG lie that the thing broke by itself while she's washing it. I don't give a damn about her explanation and i just continue with my work, while she went to tell all the lies to the supervisor. I overheard that the broken thing costs around RM200++ for original replacements and RM60++ for made in China wares. She made such good story-twisting and managed to convince the supervisor that everyone must share the cost. And she came to tell me that i have to fork out money too. If not, then there will be disruption to my experiments. Wow, is this a threat or what? I was made to pay for her mistake and if i don't, i will bear the 'disruption' consequences. This is the last straw. Tomorrow i'm going to report her to the lecturer.

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