Thursday, October 28, 2004

My journey back to KL

I woke up 4am in the morning. Dang! I can't lift my eyes open. Somemore it's raining. Soooo nice and comfy to continue sleeping. But I was dragged from the bed by my mom. Sigh...I dragged my heavy feet to the bathroom and get myself ready.

I'm actually killing 2 birds with 1 stone. I need to drive my auntie down to KL hospital for medical check-up. So at the same time, I can go back to KL without having to take bus. But there's a price to pay, that I have to wake up this early.

Now talking bout harzardous driving on the highway. I think the most dangerous combination is when you have fog, rain and driving in the dark. The stretch from Ipoh-Tapah (PLUS) where the landslide happened, is the most dangerous stretch. The road markings and reflective signs are all faded. While on the opposite lane, those stoopid drivers are using their high beams. It's total zero visibility with all the water sprites and fog. I can't see the road at all. Total darkness. I just had to drive blindly and based on my instinct. So dangerous. And when I reached the landslide area, the highway is narrowed down to a single lane per direction. Those stoopid engineers simply place the cones. I was travelling down the highway at 120kmph and suddenly the road ahead is closed and I had to negotiate almost 90 degree turn into single lane. The engineers should have at least place those cones few kilometers before the closed section and narrow the road into single lane gradually.

Luckily I arrived safely in KL. After dropping my aunt at Tung Shin Hospital, I have breaksfast in Petaling Street. Damn! Should have called shinchan since he's staying nearby. Can ask him to show me around and intro some nice food. After breakfast, I took a bus back to my place while my parents drive home. Wow, it was so nice taking bus in the morning. Only me alone in the bus all the way back. a king. But the stoopid driver drove so fast that he nearly had an accident. The sudden emergency brake shook the hell out of me.

Now that I'm back in Serdang, I recharge myself by getting the much needed sleep. Later in the afternoon, I went to Giant to grab some food for dinner.

For the whole day, I've been trying to connect to my blog to update. But the TM'nut' streamyx got problem. I can't access my blog. ARGHHH!!! I've waited and waited and waited till now midnite 1am only can connect. So now here am I with my updated blog.

Just now while trying to connect, I chatted with Kenix and shinchan. That shinchan scolded me for not talking to Kenix for so many days already. But I shy mar. Then my messenger 'sot-sot'. Cannot send msg to her. But now OK already. So I ma chatted with Kenix lo. Hmmm...seems like we chatted a bit more this time.

Oh, and that master sniper shinchan seems to be in trouble with his sniped chicks. I better pray you're not in deep sh*t. Maybe time to consider retirement? Next time we don't snipe anymore. We do direct blank shot right in front of the victim ok? Just like that idiot sniper in today's kisah benar "telefon kamera" episode. LOL.

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shinchan said...

no wonder i hachiu la
ruparupa hoongji cakap saya sini